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Permanent Registration

Permanent Placement

We think that bringing a permanent nanny into your home is a very big decision. We get to know your family so that we know what kind of nanny would work best for you. We introduce families to a nanny or nannies whose experience and skills match the client family’s unique needs. One of the secrets of our success is an intake interview with each client family we work with prior to beginning the placement process. This initiates a nanny search on behalf of the client that is very personal and targeted. This is followed up with in-person candidate interviews and diligent nanny screening. We provide this level of service because we feel it is the only way to ensure quality and safety in every childcare provider we refer.

We interview candidates and verify their references before we recommend them for an interview with your family. We guide you and the nanny through the hiring process. Once you have worked with us to present a referred nanny with a job offer we complete and present you with a formal background check and have you and your nanny sign an employment agreement.

We want both you and the nanny to be completely satisfied with your placement. If within 3 months of hiring a nanny you need to make a change, ABN will work to facilitate a replacement free of charge.

Click the Permanent Registration button to complete our Permanent Client Registration. Upon completion, we will contact you to schedule a time for our intake interview and to go over your form. You’ll then be sent a client agreement for signature and a link to your billing profile with us for payment of the $85 search fee due at that time.  

Permanent Registration